I Think I’ve Found the Dorkiest Event in the World: Spockdays and Galaxy Fest in Vulcan, Alberta Canada


Nothing captures space more than a gymnasium floor and a guy using a spray painted cardboard box for an award winning costume

So there’s this town in Canada called Vulcan.  Thank God it wasn’t named for Star Trek.  Turns out it began in 1915 was named after the Roman God of Fire.  However, the town decided to capitalize on its name by building a Star Trek themed tourist station which provides people with information, memorabilia, and a virtual reality game.

It is said to attract “hundreds” of visitors a year.  Hundreds?  They couldn’t have lied and said thousands?  You know what this means?  It means you will not even come close to finding bigger dweebs and geeks than at this thing.  There’s just no way.   And every year they put on this thing called Spockdays and Galaxyfest where tools from around the country can bask in all that is Star Trek.

Let’s take a closer look.


Nothing says Star Trek more than using a construction paper cutout of an alien pasted on a garbage dumpster.


Damn those Klingons and their warm up pants!


If you’re lucky you can take home this Space Award which I’m sure wouldn’t scare any small children you might have.


And at the end be sure to head on down to the Enterprise restaurant where you can have real spacefood AKA Burgers and Fries.

Here are some more pics


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