I Must Have Missed that Chapter


Alright, I’ve been searching for a few minutes now as to the true origin of this picture, but the only thing that’s done is creepify my search history and lead me to a bunch of very, very strange fan fiction.

Googling the author has indeed lead me to a fan fiction author page, though I can’t find…OH MY GOD HERE IT IS.



“I’m pregnant,” Harry finally says.

Draco’s reaction is instantaneous and he jumps from Harry’s embrace.

“What?” he growls venomously, “You can’t be! You’re a male!”

Harry shakes his head sadly, “It’s rare among wizards, but it can happen.”

Draco’s eyes flash dangerously as Harry moves closer to him. Harry reaches his hand out to Draco, the he takes visible step back. Harry looks crestfallen at the anger so plainly written all over Draco’s face.


Yes. Just, yes.

But who drew this? And why?

  • Pfft. Bogus. Accepting for a minute the foe-yay, how would Harry know what’s rare among wizards? He’s always pretty clueless about the Wizarding World; it’s always Ron or Hermione who tells him what’s what. I call shenanigans.

  • Mark Miller

    Da faq did I just read?

  • Rex Hondo

    Welcome to the internet. Enjoy your stay.

  • Pepper

    welcome to fanfic and mpreg-verse. Have fun.

  • Katie

    This is from an article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Weird World of Fanficiton” by Alexandra Alter. Other awesome pictures featured. http://goo.gl/dGRlk