I May Have Bad Taste in Music, But I Have Good Taste in Music Videos


My friends always make fun of me because I have “bad” taste in music. When they want a show or movie or game recommendation, I’m their man, but for music? They stay away as they probably don’t want to listen to video game soundtracks or rap from other countries.

My latest questionable music choice is Dubstep, a style I can best describe as techno meets electronica meets a hydrogen bomb. I first got into it because Starcraft players I was watching stream online were playing it in the background. I hated it at first, but it slowly grew on me to the point where it’s the only thing I listen to at the gym.

Anyway, I normally wouldn’t subject you to this, but I saw this video on a reader’s Facebook wall this weekend (what up Griffin), and I couldn’t resist as I can’t remember the last time I saw a music video that was actually cool. With the death of MTV, such things rarely exist anymore.

The song is “First of the Year” by Skrillex, and I won’t ruin what happens, but just know that it is awesome.


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