How Do You Feel About “Motion Comics”?


My first experience with the relatively new fad of motion comics was when they re-did Watchmen in its entirely to be “animated” in preperation for the movie. It worked well enough, but I can’t say that I prefer it to say, an actual comic book. And I don’t even read comic books.

Even though I’m sure a decent amount of work goes into making these things, they come across as lazy, and I find myself saying, “they just should have animated it for real.” But I don’t know, they seem to be doing well enough to keep being made, so I guess someone likes them.

Do you? Why?

  • I hate them. with a passion.

    normally they’re not done well, adding in stupid or silly gimicks, nothing that adds to the story. Relatively rarely I run into one that actually does what I would think an ‘online comic’ should do = make the panels bigger, make the transitions make sense and don’t load up on stupid sound effects. I’m reading a comic not watching a cartoon, right?

    also, no subscribe by email around here? wtf

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  • Penny

    Bloody bizarre. Like Reading Rainbow with adult content.

  • JimmyBonez

    Any one who hates motion comics i have 2 words for you Deadpool look him up on youtube