Fixing America’s Obesity Problem with The Internet

I’m not one to post Facebook screenshots as content, but I couldn’t pass this one up as it’s just too good of an idea to not discuss. Apparently 25,410 other people agree with me as well.

You’ve read it, anyone with technical knowledge think this could be built as an experiment? I feel like the first part would be easy, you’d just have to hook up a router or modem to the treadmill as a power source. Would the energy be enough to power it? I’m sure there could be a system in place where that could be the case.

The last part, faster downloads for faster running, would probably be quite a bit harder, but I guarantee there’s someone out there who could build it. But to get to my max speed of 1MB/s? I bet I’d have to be biking on the treadmill at that point. I’m not going to full on sprint for four hours to get the latest season of Mad Men.


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