Evolution of a Geek: A Journey Through My Old Sketchbooks

Now we move onto “good art” where I actually cared about anatomy and things not looking terrible.

I’m like Michelangelo up in here.

Unfinished Batman ass-kicking.

This became the problem with my art. I loved drawing as you can tell, and even thought about art school, but the problem was I was only really good at copying existing art, not creating my own. That’s what you’ve seen prior to now, but my only real “good” art was when I had something else to look at. I wasn’t tracing, and not many people can copy stuff as well as I could, but that’s not real art. Not really. So while this stuff is pretty good, it’s not original, and hence why I ultimately stopped attempting to progress in the medium. Kind of makes me sad still, and I wonder how good I might be today if I’d kept trying to learn rather than quitting a decade ago.

The days are just packed.

Pokemon art became more badass as time went on.

Unfinished Game Informer envelope art contest entry. I actually won in October 2001 after I sent in a Captain America 9/11 tribute.

Gambit was always my favorite X-Man.

A pretty awesome Thor outside of his googly eyes.

Experiments in car design. Well, copying someone else’s car design.

Proud of this one. All marker.

I learned I was colorblind when The Rock turned out light green in my first attempt at his skin tone.

Channeling Rob Liefeld a bit here. Hide those feet!

Also drawn on an envelope, never sent to Game Informer.

Battle of the Sith.

Well, that was fun. Hope you enjoyed the journey. The last one of these was 2001. I’ve drawn since, but not nearly as much. I miss drawing the way I used to, and only do it sporadically nowadays. But goofy webcomics aren’t quite the same.

Stick with art kids, don’t give up. I wish I hadn’t.







  • XenoIrish

    “JNCO jeans and wallet chains”

    1998 was a weird time for us all…

    You’re stuff is pretty good, it’s too bad you gave up on it. I kinda grew out of drawing for the same reasons too. I really liked coming up with my own designs, but was never good at anything but a stationary shot of the character standing and looking off to the side. Eventually I stopped finishing anything and just sketch designs out, thinking I’ll get back to them at some point, but deep down knowing that I most likely will not.

    A few months ago I threw out boxes of old sketches and designs from my parents house and now I’m feeling pretty nostalgic and regretful about it.

  • jones

    this is better than that book you have been trying to selll…

  • “You can tell he’s badass because his name has an anarchy symbol in it and he’s wearing an upside down and backwards visor.” OBVIOUSLY.

    The guy who’s cool but you don’t know who he is—could he be a badass medievalish Spawn? His cape and mask seem about right. I remember when Spawn was pretty much everywhere.

    This and your toy post are both awesome.

  • some guy

    gambit looked sweet!

  • Paul, you CLEARLY gave Hulk two penises. You win. Everything. Forever.

  • Tim W.

    JNCO jeans and wallet chains. hahahaha In my mind its still and always been 1998! jk

    Those sketches and drawings were awesome. I sill got my old books in the basement somewhere. Created a whole comic book universe of superheroes to rival DC and Marvel.

  • wevs

    I’m impressed Paul. You actually have some potential, why did you never expand on it?

  • eLTeezy

    So what does F.I.T.C.H. stand for?

  • Nuala

    These are actually some pretty good drawings! I like all the “badass” versions. Get back into it!

  • CJ

    Let’s hope Cyber-Cat appears in the next Exodus book!

  • FNG

    thanks for sharing!

  • Tom

    this guy has a book? wow