Demon Hunting for Dummies

Either this is a really well made forgery, or there actually used to be Van Helsing-ish demon hunting kits like this in existence.

Stakes, crosses, silver blades, potions, bibles crossbows. I feel like this guy was about to go fight Baal in Diablo II. Did they seriously used to STAKE people? I thought that was invented by Bram Stoker.

I guess this is what they probably used to do to mentally-ill people back when “chemical imbalances” were “legions of demons.”

  • Harsh Reality

    Looks bogus. Too clunky to be tactical and that crossbow looks like it couldn’t launch paper airplanes let alone those bolts. I don’t even see a catch for the bowstring. The stakes look too polished to be historical peices and the daggers look like the crap you see at flea markets. Has all the charm of a SyFy B-movie.
    Probably in some cheap former Soviet-bloc display case ment to deprive foolish tourists of their $$$.

  • Kiirstie

    That’s actually a vampire hunting kit, and they were quite popular during the late 18th to mid 19th century. People were apparently convinced there were vampires in dark alleys.

    Today one of these could go for $12,000 in an auction if it has the crossbow and with silver-tipped arrows.

  • johnny
  • Anon

    @ Harsh Reality

    That specific one may or may not be real, but the kits really did exist.

  • vincent_D

    I saw one of these when I made a trip to Mexico city, it was shown on Ripley’s Believe it or not museum as a “Vampire Hunting kit” (yeah, I said Vamire)

  • vincent_D

    *”Vamire Hunting kit”

  • Anon

    Just for clarification, Bram Stoker came up with the ‘staking a vampire through the heart thing’. However, it was staking of corpses to the coffin was practiced in certain cultures to prevent the corpse rising from the dead as a vampire.