Debate of the Day: What Video Game Name Would You Steal For Your Kid?


Word is spreading around the internet that some parents named their kid Tali’Zorah after the Quarian from Mass Effect (who also happened to be my main love interest during the series). Overlooking my e-crush on the girl, is this….uh, cool? Crazy?

It got me thinking, are there any video game character names you’d swipe for your own future kid? Like, what’s cool AND acceptable? In this case, I totally think it’s legitimate to name a girl Tali, though I don’t really see the necessity to go all the way to “Tali’Zorah.” Is her middle name “Vas Normandy”?

Confession time: I’ve always wanted to name a theoretical daughter Sophitia after the Soul Calibur fighter. It’s just such a cool name, and “Sophia” is the new “Ashley” these days in terms of commonness.

I’m not talking about naming your kid something normal like “Nathan” and claiming its after a famous video game adventurer. It has to be a little bit outside the box. Like, Kratos Fenix Tassi or something like that. What’s a cool video game kid name, but one still within the bounds of sanity?

And don’t you dare steal Sophitia from me…


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