Color Me Skeptical: “Realistic Barbie”


I’ve been seeing this passed around the internet today, a “reinvisioning” of the Barbie doll by Nicholay Lamm. He took a 3D scan of a 19 year old woman and Barbie-fied her in order to create a more realistic version of Barbie other than the stick-like model we’ve known and played with for years. What? She was tall enough to pose a real threat to my X-Men action figures, okay?

Lamm took measurements of the average 19 year old from the CDC and in addition to the 3D scan, crafted the doll. Actual Barbie makes her look like a dwarf, and though she’s a bit more squat, apparently has kept the exact same twig-arms as Barbie, which seems a bit odd.

I don’t really understand this whole anti-Barbie crusade. It’s a stylized toy. Barbie looks the way she does in order for her fashionable little clothes to fit her better, not to give girls eating disorders. No one is worried that girls will try to grow tumors in order to inflate their heads like Bratz dolls. 

I don’t know, it’s an interesting experiment, but it’s just an uglier doll. Not to say it would be an uglier person in real life, but it just doesn’t really translate into doll form well, and I don’t blame Mattel for keeping Barbie’s shape.

More pictures below, including one that shows that real Barbie has one distinct advantage over her counterpart, a booty.







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