Boba Fett Plays the Legend of Zelda Theme on the Accordion…Of Course He Does


One year ago in Union Square, NYC:

Friend: Let’s walk through the park part, I want a brownie at one of these stands.

Me: Alright, but those brownies are terrible.

Friend: Holy shit! Is that Boba Fett?

Me: Boba Fett? Where?

(spins around, knocking accordion playing Boba Fett off his chair)

Alright, so I didn’t knock him over, but I totally did see accordion-Boba Fett in Union Square live, which is why I was super pumped to see this YouTube video of him online.  He’s playing the Legend of Zelda theme, which is of course what you would expect a Boba Fett accordion player to be playing, and I’m curious as to what other tunes he’s sporting.

Boba and the Fetts would be a really cool name for a band.


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