Batman Fighting a Shark with a Lightsaber


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Sometimes I think its good to have absolutely no background on a picture whatsoever. It really makes it all the more mysterious when you have so many unanswered questions.

Why Batman?

Why a shark?

Why a lightsaber?

Why the combination of all three?

What drugs was the artist on when he made this?

If you know the answers, let the rest of us just sit and wonder in silence.

  • J5

    The oy way this picture could be more confusing/awesome would be if he was fighting a sharktopus.

  • ben

    very random yet very cool!

  • Kash Howard

    My god this is amazing, I love it

  • LAO

    I know I am going to get shit for it, but I have to say, this is not a good illustration. The artist has a definite eye for color and flourishes, and has the natural skill to draw, but really, take a look at it and you’ll realize that he has no idea how a physical body is made.

    Batman’s arms are twice as long as his torso, and his hands, instead of actually holding the lightsaber, are just clenching it between two fists. His legs, meanwhile, are teeny tiny little chicken limbs, half as long as they should be. The shark, ignoring the way it is bent, has a mouth that opens into a void that would go out the back of its skull. It also has no fins.

    This is why I try to tell people they need to learn to draw realistically before they can do anything else.

  • Madison

    @ LAO

    Batman fighting a shark, and you’re hung up on anatomy?

    Todd McFarlane proved that you can be an awesome artist and pretty much disregard the proper human body structure.

  • Bert

    Paul, if you need to know the history between Batman and the Shark, I suggest to you the 60’s Adam West Batman movie. It makes a wonderful drinking game as well:

    1) take a shot anytime something(s) are labeled.
    2) take a shot every time Batman has exactly the right gadget for the situation.
    3) take a shot every time Robin says something ridiculous.

    You will be quite hammered before a half hour has passed.

  • Jeremy
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