And the Too Soon Halloween Costume of the Year Will Be…

Zombie Steve Jobs of course! He’s returned from the grave to steal the buttons off of your electronics!

Seriously, this will be one of the easiest costumes to make, as all you need is a turtleneck, glasses, a beard and your iPhone. I think this would actually be a funny “too soon” costume however, unlike some I’ve seen like a guy in a bloody Virginia Tech sweatshirt that I almost had to punch in the face out of principle.

But no, I’m sure Jobs would look down from Nirvana (he’s Buddhist) and laugh a bit at your hilarious costume. Or he might come back to earth and crash your Macbook hard drive.

  • Tim


  • Draugr

    It’s never too soon.

    I’m glad the media is starting to die down. I’ve never heard so much praise for someone who, while remarkable, really wasn’t some paragon of humanity that some people seem to think. well, that’s a lie, Michael Jackson comes to mind quite easily as another example, but the point still stands.

    I mean, Dennis Richie died at the same time, and we certainly didn’t hear any hubbub about him, and I’d say his contributions to technology and computing were more substantial.

    Same thing goes for Martin Cooper, I doubt we’ll hear much about him when he passes.
    I guess it’s just societies obsession with celebrity, which is certainly nothing new.

    I know some people are going to be mega butt-hurt at me for having this opinion, all I can say is I’m sorry you’re so sensitive about Steve Jobs.

  • Tim

    Sick- that people are already turning another death into a joke.

    Nothing to do with the fact that the man is a “celebrity.” Yeah maybe to a bunch of hipster 20 year-olds.

    No one’s death should be made a joke, celebrity or not.

    Ok, here come the Bin Laden references…

  • mikejacobs


    You forgot about Norman Borlaugh, the media didn’t even mention him and he single-handedly saved billions of people by increasing farming yields substantially (aka green revolution).

  • Branovices

    No one “looks down” from nirvana… since it is the absence of being. I also doubt very much, assuming its existence, that he attained it in this life.

  • Wisefather

    Yeah, too soon.

    Many people look for Halloween costume ideas, but I have put together a list of fun things to do with your Halloween costumes even after October 31st. If you have your own funny ideas I would love to hear them.