Adorable Baby Mythological Creatures

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When we see badass mythological creatures in games like God of War, we only see them grown up and ready to rip heads off. But every creature, even fictional ones, have to star somewhere, and so artist Pixiv has imagined what it might look like when some of these creatures are babies.

Above we have a baby Chimera, which includes actually three baby creatures, a lion, a goat and a snake. Below we have a baby Griffin and Hippogryph, though I’ll be damned if I can see any difference between them. Maybe the second one’s internal organs are hippo? I don’t know

Check out the other two below:

  • Galahad

    hippogryphs are supposed to be hack half horse, front half eagle like a griffon but with horsey bits instead of liony bits.

    This one looks like it has a lion;s back end, and a baby’s head with a beak and a mohawk…

    Maybe it’s meant to be a baby manticore?

  • Doug

    Hey just for future cases, Pixiv is a Japanese site where people upload pics, not a person. You can see the artist’s signature in the pictures there.

  • GG

    These are baby versions of enemies from the game “Dragon’s Dogma”*. The last one is supposed to be a Cockatrice.

    *I know that they are from Greek mythology originally.