A True Early Adopter


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Now, I can’t tell if this is a modern picture just taken using a lot of old, pristine tech, or an old picture of a guy thinking he’s the most badass dude on the planet with all the latest gadgetry of uh, 1992?

Any uber-nerds out there want to give me the full rundown of what exactly shows up in this picture? A perfect score will surely win you the respect of the internet and all who encounter this post.

No video game system? All that tech is meaningless if you don’t have an NES.

  • Brendan

    Sadly he would be mocked in 1992 for his beta tapes, this looks more like 1988

    Aside from the obvious things, he as a beta-tape movie camera and viewer, an electronic type-writer, a top of the line TI calculator and an impressive pair of speakers with built in subwoofers.

    Obvious things:
    Boom Box
    Stereo Reciever with CD player
    handheld radio
    tape recorder

  • Lawdog

    Holy crap, I actually owned everything in that picture except for the Beta player. Oh, and my video camera was VHS, but I guess if you had a Beta player then you needed a Betacam. That ‘word processor’ was the dumbest invention ever. It was a typewriter…with a tiny little screen…that let you see about 5 words on it…before it typed them…so you had to stop typing…after every few words…to make sure you didn’t make a typo…before it typed it.

  • Eryn

    I can tell you that it looks as though the picture was taken with a film camera, and the clothes do look authentically appropriate. Texture seems to be a magazine scan.

  • It’s from a Sony advert.

  • Chicago

    This is Bob Stroud a DJ from Chicago. Judging by his very young appearance this is from the early to mid 1980’s.

  • NCReader

    The funny part is that most of that stuff can now fit in one hand sized device .

  • Fictional Person

    Love the square speakers. NOT !