I Don’t Know How to Feel About an X-Men Prequel

X men

After seeing the Wolverine Origins movie I think it’s safe to say I’m a little bit bearish in this news..

Twentieth Century Fox’s prequel “X-Men: First Class” is set for June 3, 2011, with Matthew Vaughn on board to direct.Moving aggressively, Fox says production will begin this summer, although a cast hasn’t yet been announced.

Bryan Singer, who conceived the story for “First Class” and directed the first two “X-Men” pics, is producing with Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg

I mean when you really think about it, the first X-Men was definitely awesome.  The second?  It was beyond bad.  The third?  It held it’s own and was kind of cool.  But then the franchise really took a dump with Origins, a film I really though would kick ass.  It was just so dumb though that it pissed me off.  And the one liners?  What are you serious here?  And what the hell was Liev Schreiber a vampire?  Just don’t get me started on that movie.

So you can excuse my ambivalence about a prequel.  Is the potential there?  I think it’s safe to say with any X-Men movie the potential is there.  Will it deliver?  I’m already predicting no.  Well, that’s unless Christopher Nolan miraculously steps in to direct the film.

Good luck guys!

[H/T Variety]

P.S.  I liked X2 better than X3.  Wanted to see what kind of a rise I could get out of you people.  Looks like it worked.

  • Gill

    I’m sorry, did you just say that X-2 was beyond bad? And did you really follow it up by saying that X-3 was better than X-2?

    Well, there’s no accounting for poor taste, I guess.

  • Alex

    Wait you thought the second sucked and like the third one….? Dude you are weird

  • Sam

    Agree with the above comments. X-2 is amazing and it’s the 2nd best Marvel movie. That ranking could change tomorrow but for now its the 2nd best.

  • Russell

    X-2 was the best by far, its not even close. Wolverine was bad, but not because Liev Schrieber was a “vampire.” And X-3 is among the worst comic based movies of all time, and certainly the most disappointing.

    I understand liberties must be taken to make a coherent movie, but there is a line. The reason many comic movies end up being crap is because people like you are put in charge of them, people with absolutely no familiarity or love for the source material. These people decide the director of Rush hour would be a good fit for an X-men movie, and think that Magneto throwing cars at people and Pyro setting them on fire in mid-air is entertaining or even makes sense. These people think they are smarter than the people who wrote the stories in the first place, and they are wrong.

    I am not the one-above-all when it comes to comic books, but I did collect them as a kid/teenager. I’m 31 now, and with my average knowledge of the source material I can verify that a minimum half of Hollywood who has ever worked on a comic movie should never be let near a movie set again.

  • Andy

    Yeah, the above comments pretty much covered it. The opening Nightcrawler scene alone is better than the other X-men movies. Also, this prequel is being directed by the director of Kick-Ass, so I think it has a good chance of beating X2 for the top spot.

  • Wow…the Marvel movie team is all about the reboot these days.

    Oh, and Natty, I agree with you on your assessment of X-3. It is my favourite of the series actually.

  • Madison

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to chime in here…X-2 is actually really good, one of the better superhero movies. The third one is an abortion.

    X-3 > X-2???? Really???

  • Russell

    I will add, if X-3 was an original movie, made from scratch and not based on a comic series someone else created, I see how it could be entertaining. And kelsey Grammer as Beast was excellent.

    However, they didn’t create the characters, and its the closest thing to rape a comic movie has achieved in recent years.

  • chrystani

    X3 had some pretty awesome moments….

    The scene where Professor X is “killed”
    Any action point where Phoenix is annihalating mo fo’s…

    No? You guys weren’t feeling it… Whatever.

    All that sexy Jackman/ Wolverine chest hair?

    psssh whatever. 🙂

  • Pepe Veraz

    well i disagree with this critic, x-2 and x-3 are better than the first one, x-3 is my favorite and also I think Origins is badass. But I’m not pretty sure about this prequel

  • Russell

    You people claiming X-Men 3 was good are the reason Hollywood will continue to molest my childhood, making movies I’ve waited 20 years to see, and taking a giant dump on them in the process.

    Hell, its worse than George Lucas and the Star Wars prequels. I mean sure he destroyed the characters we grew up loving, but at least he created them in the first place.

  • skikes

    You’re fucking crazy dude! X2 is the best of the franchise! X3 was beyond an abortion. It’s a fucking fourth term termination!

  • D

    How could you think X2 is beyond bad? It’s considered by many to be one of the better superhero movies out there. Your reviews def just dropped in my book, man.

  • tom

    Agree with almost everyone above – X2 is my favorite Marvel movie ever – X3 blew, massively.

  • X2 was awesome. Final Stand was awesomely bad.

  • LawlessVictory

    If I try to look at it from outside of my own fanboy bubble, X3 is probably the better action flick to someone who isn’t familiar with the source material. However, there are ten thousand identical generic action movies that don’t involve mangling classic characters/storylines. X3 was nothing more than your standard BS Hollywood action flick using the X-Men name to ensure that it made money, and is therefore represents everything that is wrong with adaptation in mainstream motion pictures.

  • LawlessVictory

    “and is therefore represents”?

    I need coffee.

  • Nattyb

    I actually liked X2 better than X3, I wanted to see what kind of a rise I could get out of people.

  • Gill

    A likely story.

  • Rich

    Well Nattyb, mission accomplished! 🙂

  • brian

    fuck X2 fuck it to hell then piss on it

  • Pádraig

    x1 was good, x2 was class and the third was balls

  • D

    NattyB, no offense, but that is a lameass attempt to save face.

  • D

    Trying to get a reaction out of people in no way justifies making yourself sound like an idiot or your website look like it is run by idiots. Great Job!

  • jaromir

    Well, IMO, I would have to say that out of the original 3 x-men movies that yeah the 2nd was the best. But this isn’t saying that the x-movies were any good, just that the second had some really good X-men moments.

    I would have to go with 3rd as being the second best; IMO the downfall of that movie was that it was too (emphasis on the word TOO) over saturated with heroes and villains.

    Simplicity is always the key, especially when it comes to a movie that is only 2hours long. I mean unless you want to do an epic movie that spans more than 4-5hours, I really don’t see how you can make an audience care for more than a handful of characters. And IMO when an audience doesn’t care about the character = fails.

  • matt

    I don’t know I really hated both of the sequels and did not really like the first one all that much.

  • Tron

    As far as ‘faithful’ adaptations go. xmen 1 and xmen 2 were fairly close (not as good as spider man 2 or some of the newer ones (iron man etc.) but as the xmen movies were early entrys into the ‘comic book movie adaptation’ thing. it’s ok and forgiveable.

    but really? xmen 3 was better than 2? obviously you are one of the masses that never read xmen comics, or watched the awesome 90’s cartoon.

    the first 5 minutes of the last stand were enough to make me realize ‘yep this movie is shit’. based on that i refused to see wolverine origins (thankfully as it is also shit). and pretty much am done w/the xmen movie franchise unless they go the way of spiderman and start over.