You Can Win an Xbox and $400…Like, Really

Hey folks!  Rarely do we do stuff like this but when we find something worthwhile we have to talk about it.  And you know that anything involving free video games as well as cash is certainly something worth discussing.

One of our partners is offering a rather fabulous prize for a bit of help. For filling out their survey, they’ll enter you for a chance to win a brand new Xbox and $400 to boot. It’s quite easy, and legit as feedback is quite important to companies and as such, they’re willing to offer rather cool stuff for it. Marketing!

Anyway, here’s the survey link. Takes about 5 minutes to complete. Good luck!

  • Pleasant Lee

    The $ makes me wonder if this is open to Americans only?

  • It was only 6 questions, nothing mind-cramping. What the hell, I had 5 minutes. 🙂

  • AlxH

    Even if it is just american, the questions were quite interesting

  • Cap

    Just wanted to share my groundbreaking epiphany that I had while answering question 6 (Chips and soft drinks got together like ________): Pants and underwear – one’s no fun without the other when you’re with friends.

    Hehe. I chuckled a bit, good start for a day at work. Thanks for your attention 🙂

  • TheMateo

    Wish I had realized it was a marketing survey for a Beverage Company before I answered the Chips and Soda question, or maybe my answer wouldn’t have been “cholesterol and diabetes”.

    Haha oh well, at least I was honest.

  • So, ummm…

    When is the drawing?