What Were You Doing At 27? Here’s What George Lucas Was….


Three years ago I was 27-Years-Old working as a miserable financial recruiter in New York City.  It was at age 28 that I began writing a series of blogs and luckily it turned into a full time job.  I believe I’ve finally found what it is I will be doing the rest of my life.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, clearly I’m not that interesting of a person.  Who the hell am I?  But what about some other people?  Like famous people?  What did they do before they really hit their strides?

One in particular is famed director George Lucas.  Slashfilm was able to get a rare video of the filmmaker being interviewed at the age of 27 when he was promoting his first feature, THX 1138.

What did you guys do at 27?  And if most of you aren’t 27 yet, at least you can start thinking about it.

Check out the video (it’s almost an hour) after the jump

  • adam

    i feel sorry for you lol.
    your writing for blogs.
    but no one has even commented.

  • Madison

    @ adam

    “your writing for blogs”

    You’re not really in a position to be feeling sorry for anyone, dude.

  • Q8248494

    Is this a fulltime position for all of you guys? I thought that I remembered one of you mentioning that you were a lawyer at some point. How well does full time blogging pay anyway?

  • Madison

    @ Q8248494

    I’m a practicing medical malpractice attorney in Manhattan, yeah. So as you can imagine, that takes up a lot of my time (I’m currently writing this while at my desk). I love movies and video games, though, so writing part-time for this website is very enjoyable.

    Full-time blogging can pay if you do it right. I’m just a small timer compared to my man Nattyb.

  • Questionable

    I am 27 years old. I am working citizen and I, too, have a love for writiing. I would love to quit my job and become a writer/editor for a magazine company or newspaper article but my mortage has to get paid. Me, making a wild decision of qutting my job right now would be a dumb one. How were you able to find your niche and stick with it? How did you know that becoming a medical malpractice attorney was something that you would love to do?