I Miss Gene Hackman


Nope.  Gene Hackman hasn’t passed away or anything like that but don’t you think the world could use a little more of him?  It’s like every single time I see a United Airlines ad or Oppenheimer Funds commercial I truly miss the guy.

Granted I know Mr. Hackman is approaching 80 and in a candid interview in 2004 said he was retired from acting, (confirmed in a book in 2008) that still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind some kind of an appearance.  I mean at least show up in whatever new Superman movie comes out.

Hell, Leonard Nemoy looks like a frozen stiff but it was awesome seeing him in the new Star Trek.  Wouldn’t Hackman be awesome in a comedy where he plays a perverted old man or something?

I know that Hackman is writing books with some archaeologist but come on buddy!  We need ya!  I don’t know, this is just my cry of the day and we could all use a little Norman Dale.

“I Love you Guys.”

  • Captain Qwert Jr

    With all the actors from the 50s-70s dying or retiring, we will soon reach the point where no one will have the gravitas to play super-villains anymore.

  • Madison

    I’m glad you posted this – I think Hackman is really one of the most underrated actors ever. He’s brilliant in just about anything, regardless of genre.

  • aaron

    great posting. hackman is awesome. he rocks as royal tennenbaum.

  • When Tom Hanks is in the motel in “Big”, “The French Connection” is on the TV (he turns it off and the shooting sounds continue, outside on the street). Hows that for pointless memory?

    “This is my adopted daughter……”

  • kleenex

    Great post. A while ago i tried to pick my fav actor of all time. I compiled a huge list of contenders with reasoning for why they are my favorite, however, not one could beat out Gene. He is simply the best. He’s great in everything, but my personal choice is The Conversation.