I Miss Gene Hackman


Nope.  Gene Hackman hasn’t passed away or anything like that but don’t you think the world could use a little more of him?  It’s like every single time I see a United Airlines ad or Oppenheimer Funds commercial I truly miss the guy.

Granted I know Mr. Hackman is approaching 80 and in a candid interview in 2004 said he was retired from acting, (confirmed in a book in 2008) that still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind some kind of an appearance.  I mean at least show up in whatever new Superman movie comes out.

Hell, Leonard Nemoy looks like a frozen stiff but it was awesome seeing him in the new Star Trek.  Wouldn’t Hackman be awesome in a comedy where he plays a perverted old man or something?

I know that Hackman is writing books with some archaeologist but come on buddy!  We need ya!  I don’t know, this is just my cry of the day and we could all use a little Norman Dale.

“I Love you Guys.”


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