PSA of the Day: If You’re Not Watching The League You Need To

I’m not sure how many of you watch The League on F/X but I thought I just throw a mention out there.  This show is unbelievable.  I’ve been watching it since the inception.  The concept is quite simple yet awesome.  It follows the life of a die hard Fantasy Football league.  Now, I’m not going to do a full out review of the show as I’m assigning this to our humble narrator Paul.

However, I just want to point out some thing that are excellent about the show.

1.  These guys take fantasy sports way more seriously than their lives (as they should).

2.  There’s a ton of sex on the show.  Almost to the point where I keep second guessing if it’s on F/X.

3.  There’s a ton of cursing.

4.  The show is absolutely hilarious.  Every single character is worth listening to and it’s the first show in the history of shows that actually encapsulates the true reality of fantasy sports.

5.  Vinegar Shakes

OK on that note….  Paul, start watching and let me know what you think.  As for the rest of you.  Thoughts?

  • The League is fantastic, and nothing beats the Dre and the hat at the end of season 2!!! (hopefully that’s not a spoiler)

  • J5

    This show kills me. John LaJoie was mainly the initial reason we started watching then I noticed Paul Scheer from Human Giant was on there and I havent been able to stop watching since. This show came out right when some friends of mine and I started up a league and after seeing The Shiva we had to create our own trophy.

  • Vinegar Strokes was one of the funniest parts of the show and I use some of their idioms in general conversation now. I have also been watching from the very beginning and the show just keeps getting better. I completely 100% agree with everything you said…

  • Matt

    It’s hard to describe my feelings for The League. It’s not in the upper-echelon of current tv comedies, but it’s not part of the bottom-feeder group either. For me, four levels of TV Comedy exist. I’ll give examples of each (but by no means am limiting just to the shows I mention — there are several more in each group that I can’t be bothered to list).

    Level 1 – Transcendently Funny – The Simpsons (Seasons 3-9), Arrested Development

    Level 2 – Wonderful – Louie, Eastbound and Down, Community, Parks and Rec, It’s Always Sunny, Early 30 Rock

    Level 3 – Watchable – The Office, The League, Archer, HIMYM, Modern Family (I bet most people like the show more than I do), Early Entourage Seasons, Pre-Cancellation Family Guy

    Level 4 – Unwatchable/Cringeworthy – Other CBS Sitcoms (2.5 Men, Mike and Molly, etc.), Outsourced, Cougar Town, Entourage, Seth Macfarlane’s shows that aren’t Family Guy, 90% of the comedies currently on TV

    The League is at the level where, if it’s on, I’ll watch it, but it is by no means appointment viewing.

  • BOLT

    The League is definitely a mixed bag for example last episode was hilarious the one before ehhh so much. I DVR all the new episodes and some are worth a second time around whereas others are a huge let down. It definitely hasn’t lost all of its season one magic but it just isn’t as consistent as say It’s Always Sunny which trumps the League every episode.

    @Matt Family Guy trumps the Simpsons….just sayin

  • the antoine


  • Mike

    The best joke I’ve heard this season was when Andre called the guy he wanted to join practices with a class act. Now when I listen to sports I pay attention. It’s true. Black people are class acts, Hispanics are spark plugs, and white people are scrappy.

  • TheGreatShocka

    I’ve been working on ways to incorporate vinegar strokes, Shiva Blast, and Dreids into my everyday language. The League is awesome.

  • Haha assigned to me huh?

    I watched about the first five episodes of season one. I understand the appeal, but as a person who doesn’t care about sports, much less fantasy versions of sports, I’m not sure if I’m the right audience for this. I found it funny because some of the characters, I can directly assign to my friends, but other than that, I wasn’t laughing out loud. I can give it another shot though perhaps.

  • Matt

    the leauge is awesome. but what is more awesome is nick kroll as el chupacabra. if anyone knows what im talking about u are the shit. if you dont know what im talking about. check out comedy death ray radio podcast on iTunes….hands down the funniest podcast/comedy program ive ever listened to. its free, people like nick kroll, paul scheer, rob huebel, doug benson, thomas lennon, nick swardson, paul f tompkins and tons of other people all appear on it usually doing ridiculously funny characters like ice-t or the aforementioned el chupacabra. this is not some robot plugging this show but i just felt i had to let people know that while the league is awesome, these actors talents are really highlighted on this podcast. check it out people!

  • Tim

    I love The League. I started watching when it was first released on Hulu (me and my roommate didnt get cable because we figured we could find any show online). Every time I go to a chinese restaurant I will ask if they have some three penis wine. Cracks me up every time.