Even The Mere Mention of a Vision Quest Remake Makes me Nauseous

Vision Quest

OK first of all Vision Quest is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Second of all Taylor Lautner?  Yes, Taylor f’-in Lautner is the one considering this role?  I’m gonna be sick.

He could wind up playing an updated version of Matthew Modine’s character in the still-in-development film, which counts Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen of Temple Hill Entertainment (and Twilight and New Moon fame) as producers. We hear that Richard Munic has penned a screenplay that is “very faithful” to the original film. “Taylor saw [the script] and is really excited about it,” says a source. “It’s very much in line with his athleticism [and skates. -Ed.]“

Twilight and New Moon producers?  Do my eyes deceive me?  Honestly guys, I’m not sure what to say right now but I’m getting awfully dizzy.

Twight Producers???!!!???!!??!?   Someone please bring me up for air.  What are they going to have like ridiculous homosexual undertones now?  Penned a screenplay that is “very faithful” to the original film?

Look, I’ve bitched about remakes in the past.  In fact, all three of us have.  And I would say in 99% of the cases were are strictly against remakes.  Well when it comes to Vision Quest I’m gonna go on record in saying I might actually consider taking a plane to Los Angeles to protest this.

Hell I might even send death threats to Taylor Lautner’s house.  And if Matthew Modine has read anything about this I sincerely hope he is against this no matter what they pay him.

Come on guys.  This is the best wrestling movie of all time and damned if Linda Fiorentino and her crazy fro didn’t look amazing.  You guys can’t do this to us.  You really can’t.

Please do NOT remake this film.

Here’s one of the best scenes of all time.  How the hell are they going to remake this?


  • IcemanD

    Never even heard of this movie before…

    Granted, as soon as I see a tag line with “Coming of age” in it I tend to tune out.

  • Madison

    Of course I agree that this movie shouldn’t be remade…but give Lautner a break. He’s actually a pretty talented kid, and kudos to him for getting jacked for his role in the Twilight series.

    I really didn’t know too much about him, but I thought he was great on SNL – really changed the way I looked at him.

  • Nattyb

    Fine, yay Lautner. The remake part still makes me want to vomit.

  • boss

    i agree with everything you’ve said. wrestling is such a different sport, and vision quest is a rare movie that actually does a good job capturing it. the movie is a little dark just like the sport. i fear the remake will have a high school musical vibe to it- that would kill me!
    also, will madonna be in the remake?

  • Bryan

    I’m with you; how do you go anywhere with this film? Straight up remake? Maybe they can have the wrestlers dry hump on the mat for extra points (these are Twilight people). And the article that you linked made me want to drop kick whoever wrote it. Someone actually wrote ‘ “masturbates furiously” ‘ to end an article! WTF.

    I never wrestled, but knew some guys who did. Vision Quest is like their Rocky of wrestling. Perfect, can’t improve on it. I can’t see how they could improve it, either. Maybe the wrestlers can sparkle. And if they steal the “Lunatic Fringe” song, my head will explode- I use that when lifting. Next I’ll have images of sparkly sweat all over me.

    Hey, let’s remake ‘Casablanca’ while we’re at it! I’m out.

  • rj

    seriously??? if you have ever wrestled or is still apart of the sport, you would puke at even hearing that that fag from twilight is even considered….i think if they were going to make a remake it would have to atleast have a real wrestler in it…..if that queer from twilight is in it, i think i might burn my copy of the original…..and i’m only 19.