The World’s Only Bill Paxton Pinball Machine


His name is Benjamin Heckendorn and this is what he’s doing in his offtime:

Building the world’s only and fully working pinball machine meant to honor the film career of Bill Paxton. Twister. Aliens. True Lies. Frailty. The Dark Backward. Weird Science. The Terminator. The man is worthy — nay, OWED — a pinball machine to his geek greatness.

Heckendorn has been working on his custom pinball machine since 2005; he is considered an expert game modder and so has a bunch of other projects on the go at any given time but now Heckendorn hopes to have his BPP game ready for playing next year

The question is what arcade or gaming center will pick up this delightful piece.  Personally I think it would be absolutely incredible to own this thing.  Just for the sheer amount of questions I would receive when someone enters the den I don’t have.

“What the hell is this?”  “Why it’s the world’s only Bill Paxton pinball machine of course!”



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