The Only Good Thing in the Third “Meet the Parents” Will be Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is in talks to join the cast of the third installment of the “Meet the Parents” franchise, which is being prepped by director Paul Weitz for Universal Pictures and Tribeca Productions.

Alba will play a key role alongside Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, and Owen Wilson.

So now it’s a franchise?  Funny because I thought it was a really funny original movie followed by one of the dumbest and pathetic sequels I’ve ever not seen.

That’s right, I saw maybe 10 minutes of the movie and as soon as there was fart humor and that little kid entered the screen I nearly vomited.  And now we’re making a third one?

Can someone please join me, invest a little cash and we’ll create a studio called “Movies that Don’t Suck?”  Where is the integrity of a movie studio?  Does it always have to be about the dollar?

Come on Universal!  You’re making billions of dollars.  Please, at least try to keep up some kind of quality in your movies here.  I mean is there any chance this movie is good?  And come on Robert Deniro and Dustin Hoffman.  Hell, even Ben Stiller.  Have you guys not made enough money in your careers?

As you can tell, this bothers me.   All except for the Jessica Alba part.


  • Keith

    I think you’re overlooking the fact that every Jessica Alba movie is pure garbage. Sure, she’s eye candy. So go download some stills and animated gifs from one of the dozens of outrageously boring movies she’s done. And don’t drop Sin City on this rant either, that over-stylized moving comic book could have made Barbara Walters look hot. How can your rant NOT be that Alba makes an obvously boneheaded sequel even duller than it may have been. We won’t question your manhood for thinking Jessica Alba is the biggest borefest on screen… Instead, why don’t you go watch Good Luck Chuck on mute?

  • Madison

    @ Keith

    Hey now. She was good in The Ten.

    But you’re pretty much spot-on.

  • Ryan

    Meet The Fockers was one of the highest grossing comedies of all time. This doesn’t really surprise me