Thank You! 200 Copies of the The Last Exodus Sold

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in with a quick announcement here today saying thanks to all of you who have supported my book, The Last Exodus, since its release last month. In just over a month, I’ve sold 210 copies on Amazon, many of which were bought by readers like you, which is really awesome to see. Thanks for giving it a shot, and bonus thanks for those of you who liked it enough to give it good reviews on Amazon or email me personally. That means a lot, and I’ve really enjoyed discussing the book with many of you.

All the support has me motivated more than ever, and for those of you who have been asking, the sequel is about 50% written right now with firm ideas mapped out for book three after that. There’s nothing like people liking your work to keep you going, and I never anticipated this sort of reaction.

Feel free to pick up a copy if you haven’t yet, and expect the next book out in 2013 some time.

  • XenoIrish

    I’ve recommended it to every sci-fi fan I know…..So like 2 more people should be buying it soon.

    Seriously, I loved it and I am looking forward to the sequel.

  • Tim V.

    The book is awesome. The way it ended made me kind of upset that I bought it so soon because now I have to wait til book two comes out. Great job man. Keep up all the great work.

  • **THUMBS UP!**

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Congrats, dude! I bought it. I just gotta get around to reading it. I have so so so so so many books on my Kindle AND lying around the house, I’m hoping I live nine lives in order to read ’em all.

  • iamphoenix

    i want to buy this, but i need to get some some kindle type shit to, when i get back to the united states of americas and i have an address i’ll be picking this up( downloading this up? ._. )

  • Man! I’m an avid reader and missed every post about your book until now. I feel somehow ashamed but just purchased it to my kindle and will read it in the coming week. Dead anxious to see how it comes =)

  • Paul has accomplished more between 2012-2013 than I have my whole life. Dude is a machine! Well done, sir.

  • Kiniki

    Bought it a little while back, but have a few books in my queue to get through.

    Will definitely post a review on Amazon when I get to it

  • Terence

    you’ve only sold 200 copy’s I was expecting more to be sold than that.

    I hope you can get the next one out by next year but I’ve waited longer for a book to come out. (I’m looking at you Spinward Fringe series)

  • Naginata

    Hey Paul,

    Congrats on selling 210 copies. I expected you to sell more, and I’ll tell you why….

    I just finished the book and came away very impressed. Here’s my mini review, which I will also post on Amazon.

    The last exodus very effectively blends different styles of Sci-Fi with each other and in the midst of it’s obvious influences (The Road/Forever War) almost finds its own voice. The characters are well written, and have actual personalities. It’s very well built up, by which I mean there’s a definate build up of tension and excitement.

    What isn’t so fantastic is the unevenness of the style. I’ve seen it with first novels before, as you progress through the book, the writer starts to find his own voice. Which means that the end of the book, reads differently to the beginning. Which (bluntly put) means that it goes from a The Road type gruesomeness to a slightly lighter scifi storty, with room for a little humor as well.

    All in all I was massively impressed with this first novel and I can’t wait for the next book in this trilogy.

    I hope the book becomes a great succes for you.

  • @Naginata

    Thanks, I appreciate it! Will look forward to seeing it on Amazon as well lol