Thank You! 200 Copies of the The Last Exodus Sold

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in with a quick announcement here today saying thanks to all of you who have supported my book, The Last Exodus, since its release last month. In just over a month, I’ve sold 210 copies on Amazon, many of which were bought by readers like you, which is really awesome to see. Thanks for giving it a shot, and bonus thanks for those of you who liked it enough to give it good reviews on Amazon or email me personally. That means a lot, and I’ve really enjoyed discussing the book with many of you.

All the support has me motivated more than ever, and for those of you who have been asking, the sequel is about 50% written right now with firm ideas mapped out for book three after that. There’s nothing like people liking your work to keep you going, and I never anticipated this sort of reaction.

Feel free to pick up a copy if you haven’t yet, and expect the next book out in 2013 some time.


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