Super Mario Proposal Still Doesn’t Prove Geeks Have Sex


From the actual Youtube page of this video:

My nerdy way to propose. On October 15th 2009, it was out 5 year anniversary so i decided to propose. Using a program called lunar magic I was able to spell “lisa… Will you marry me?” she may not look too surprised in the video but you should of seen her afterwords, she couldn’t sit still!!! And no it wasn’t staged, but I did sit her down told her to play some Super Mario World, but she totally didn’t know she was being recorded!!

There are any number of things that could have gone on after the proposal.  My guess is that she said “Yes, let’s finish the game.”  Although there are probably a couple of alternatives like these:

“No, could you be any more of a dork?  How did I ride this out for five years?”

“I’ve been having an affair with someone who actually has a penis.  Goodbye.”

Seriously folks.  I guess congratulations on the proposal but I’m about 99% sure this isn’t exactly the kind of couple I’d want to go out on a double date with.

  • Bryan

    I love how as the end music plays the dog jumps up on them- perfect choreography! Score one for game hacker nerd!

  • funny, that’s the kind of couple i’d want to go out on a double date with ^^
    that proposal is awesome.

  • Andraxx

    Wow, way to shit all over this beautiful proposal. You write a movie blog, man, I wouldn’t be throwing stones here. Be happy for those nerds.

  • Emhem

    I thought it was a really cute proposal, even more so because it’s tailored towards an interest the couple obviously shares. Not really sure what your problem is…

  • Madison

    The dog at the end is the best. And look, this beats proposing at a sporting event. By a lot.

  • SirEdward

    I have to agree with everyone else, this is just awesome.

    Sounds to me like someone’s jealous.

  • jazmin

    this was the sweetest proposal ever! beautifully done! lucky gal

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