The World’s First Sex Robot Has Come To Life: The Apocolypse is Upon Us


It was just a matter of time but man I didn’t think this was going to happen until at least 2030.  If women out there have something to fear then this is the time to be afraid.  Then again I can only assume that male sex dolls are also upon us.

TrueCompanion helped kick off the Saturday session of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo with a press conference in which the site debuted “the world’s first sex robot.” Meet the Roxxxy TrueCompanion. This doll has an artificial intelligence engine programmed to learn your likes and dislikes. She can listen, feel, and speak to her owner.

The doll goes on sale next week for roughly $7,000-9,000 plus a subscription fee, which is “comparable to a cell plan,” according to Roxxxy’s creator.

Any thoughts on this guys?  I mean seriously.  If there aren’t enough technological reasons (Facebook) for divorce these days, these “companions” are going to destroy personal relationships. I really don’t know what to make of this but after seeing Roxxxy, one can only assume that within ten years these things might be “Avatar” like in quality.

[Via Gearlog]


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