“Violent Games Are Worse Than Porn” – Says Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

Hmm.  Perhaps if a study were made by scientists and accredited people to make these calls I might pay a bit more attention…

Violent video games have “a much bigger negative influence on kids” than pornography, a leading porn star has claimed. He said parents should be more worried about the harmful effects of such games.

Mr Jeremy’s comments were made at a session called the Great Porn Debate during the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, in Las Vegas.

Needless to say this pissed off quite a few gamers who claim that Jeremy is 100% ignorant and shouldn’t be pointing fingers at the gaming industry when porn itself is struggling.

However, I will say this brings up a good debate.  Which one is worse?  Look, even a gamer has to admit that violent games can certainly have an effect on children and their behavior.  Too much of one world will certainly influence another if given enough exposure.  Hell, just look at some divorces taking place just because of a virtual world (though that’s not a violent game).   My point is that games do have an effect.

But porn?  Porn has already been proven to have effects that are similar to drugs, yes drugs.  The same endorphins can go off in the brain that are just as powerful as crack or heroin when a person is watching porn.  While video games have had similar effects there are WAY less cases of addiction than the porn industry has.   And P.S. sexual addiction might not be a term you’re aware of now, but I’m making the call that it’s as big as “alcoholism” in the next 20 years.

I think that people perceive porn as more “real” which is what the main issue is.  For the most part people are aware that video games are fake whereas porn changes your perception on what you think sex is supposed to be.

Hell I love porn but to say it’s less dangerous than video games is lunacy.

[Via BBC]


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