Is it Possible For Ralph Macchio to Sound More Like A Dork?

Wow, talk about a sell out. The guy is admitting to the overflow of remakes but feels it’s completely fine for THIS movie to be remade? And with Jaden Smith no less? Who the hell is gonna play Mr. Miyagi? Or Johnny Lawrence? Man I hope it’s Lil’ Bow Wow and Martin Lawrence plays Mr. Miyagi. And they better have that dude who screams “Put him in a body bag! Yeahhhh!!!!”

What amazed me however, is how ridiculous Macchio’s voice was in this interview. I mean really? Could you be more of one of those guys who meets 14-year-old girls in parks and stuff?

Good Lord I hope they fail miserably with this remake. God knows Macchio is kind of a tool right now but he was awesome back in the 80s. It’s hard to imagine that Karate Kid was made 25 years ago. Wow. Time sure as hell does fly.


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