Nicolas Cage is Doing What with Somali Pirates?


Text from friend: “Dude, you have to write a story about Nicolas Cage hanging out with Somali Pirates.”

Me: “What the ***?”

Friend: “Google it.”


“Nicolas Cage recently met pirates imprisoned in Kenya, as part of his job as a UN Goodwill Ambassador on Drugs and Crime.

The actor visited Shimo La Tewa prison in the Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa to interact with suspected Somali pirates awaiting trial and know the reason behind the increase in piracy in the Indian Ocean.

Cage insisted that he wanted to hear the pirates’ stories, reports Fox News.”

What the…? Who made Nicolas Cage a UN Goodwill Ambassador? I understand like, Angelina Jolie filling that position, as licking her lips could probably get North Korea to just hand her a pile of nukes, but Nic Cage? Is he going to intimidate people into peace with his hair?

[via Sify]