My First Book, The Last Exodus, is On Sale Now

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been nervous about writing a post on Unreality before. Today is a big day for me, one where I accomplish a goal that I’ve been working toward for a long, long time.

After a solid year jam packed full of a thousand hours writing, reading and editing, I’ve finished my first book, The Last Exodus, and published it through Amazon where it’s now live and available for purchase and download as an eBook. It’s only $3.99, and even if you don’t have a Kindle, there are free Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and even PC that you can download which will allow you to read it on pretty much any device.

It’s a sci-fi story, something you might expect from me if you’re familiar with my writing and interests. It’s an adventure tale of sorts, and before I speak further about it, you can read the full plot synopsis below:

“The Earth lies in ruins in the aftermath of an invasion, the land devastated by an intergalactic war where neither side won. The seas are drying up while the atmosphere corrodes and slowly cooks all remaining life on the now desolate rock.

Few survivors remain, but one of them is Lucas, an ordinary man hardened by the last few years after the world’s end. He’s fought off bandits, murderers, and stranded creatures on his long trek across the country in search of his family. What he finds instead is hope, something thought lost in the world.

There’s a ship buried in a crater wall. One of theirs. One that works. To fly it, Lucas must join forces with a traitorous alien scientist and a captured, merciless raider named Asha. Their perilous journey fighting savage men and creatures alike takes them across the remains of the planet and far out into the stars to…where exactly? Lucas has to live long enough to find out.”

I’m taking to Unreality to make this announcement because you guys have been an awesome community ever since the site was founded way back in 2008. I’m incredibly scared/excited to see what you all think of the book, as you are the kings and queens of the geek universe, and it would mean the world to me if you picked up a copy, read it, and let me know what you thought.

It’s not super long, and I believe only 300 something pages if it were an actual print book. It’s just over 100,000 words total (the first Harry Potter was 76,000 words for comparison’s sake) and I think it’s a pretty easy read. I’m not going to pretend like its “hard” sci-fi in the vein of the some of the classics of the genre. Rather, I  just wanted it to be a good story with memorable characters, and I didn’t think spending huge chunks of the book trying to prove imaginary science would be worthwhile.

The Last Exodus is meant to be the first of a series, and I’m already about 25% of the way through the sequel. Nothing would motivate me to keep writing more than positive feedback, so I’m waiting to see how it’s received among you guys, my closest e-friends. Yes, I just said that.

If you really, really want to help me out, if you read the book and like it, a good Amazon review would go a long way in terms of getting it more attention in the Kindle store. If you hate it? Uh, do me a favor and maybe email me your review instead, heh.

Fact is, if I sold 20 copies of this thing, I’d be pretty pumped. Finishing a book is kind of like running a marathon. It’s a goal you set for yourself, and once you complete it for the first time, it hardly feels real. Just seeing my book listed on Amazon is incredible, even if I did put it there myself.

So take a look, and let me know what you think if you do get a chance to read it. Feedback is welcome and you can email me at with your thoughts. And yes, even after 30 read-throughs, I’m sure there’s still a typo or two in there somewhere.

I’ve dreamed about writing this post for a long time, and now I guess all I have to do is wait and see what people think. Or if anyone reads it all. In any case,  it’s been an incredibly fun, exhausting journey to get to this day, and I’m just excited it’s finally come.


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