Kristen Stewart to Play a Stripper in New Movie


Looks as if Kristen Stewart is taking a pretty big turn in her latest movie.  I think we’re all used to see her play the hip, lip curling, mysterious weirdo chick.  This should be interesting.

Kristen Stewart plays a stripper in her new film. The ‘Twilight’ star portrays a 16-year-old runaway who gets into erotic dancing and occasional prostitution to earn money in the movie – which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Saturday – and Kristen admits it is a big departure for her.

The 19-year-old actress is seen dancing in platform heels, fishnets, a micro-mini skirt and a bra in one scene and the actress was nervous about shooting the sequence with co-star James Gandolfini.

Stewart admitted she was nervous putting on the fishnets but sources say she tried to “own it.”  Yeah Kristen!  Own those fishnets!  Turns out that Kristen trained with a professional trainer for two weeks and while she wanted to train in clothes the trainer said “you don’t stick to the pole when you do that.”

Please folks, insert as many puns as possible into that line.  In fact, I want this entire comment thread revolved around “sticking to pole” jokes.

In any event, I happen to be a fan of Stewart so I’m looking forward to seeing her strut her stuff.

[Via AZcentral]

  • kj

    There is a vast difference between the two words “poll” and “pole”

    Clothes don’t make you stick to a series of questions.


  • Nattyb

    Paul, you’re such a little pansy

  • Sverrir Sigfusson

    How about giving us the name of the film?

  • Bert

    How many fictional strip clubs does James Gandolfini own anyway?

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  • @Nattyb

    NO I’M NOT

  • kj

    @nattyb Thanks for not bashing me as a grammar/spelling nazi. 🙂

  • Nattyb


    Stop using CAPS LOCK.

  • Madison

    I liked her every since I saw photos of her smoking a joint. This only helps.


  • IcemanD

    @ Madison: While I agree that helps (my tag use to be IcemanD420 but I’m all adult and shit now) I still can’t stand her.

    And not just from Twilight either, she was absolutely terrible in Adventure Land

  • Pepe Veraz

    @Sverrir Sigfusson the film is “Welcome to the Rileys”

  • Erswi

    “Tits or GTFO” really says it all.

  • joe

    The biggest joke is that you’re a fan of Kristen Stewart.


  • I’ll have to agree…she instantly received some cred from me when she was caught smokin some of that fine Cali treefer…still nothing like Ms. Theron smokin out of an apple though

  • Rosey

    I guess the BUZZ word here then is FABULOUS!!!

  • The biggest joke is that you’re a fan of Kristen Stewart.

  • waiting for it

  • Its good to see any move with Tony Soprano!

  • kriste is the best actress, specially in twilight!!!

  • Twilight killer

    Wow twilight fan you really don’t know how to use a spellchecker do you. I suppose you can’t expect much from a twilight fan can we.