David Hasselhoff Has an Inner Ear Infection


“Man I like the sound of that.”

David Hasselhoff says a bad ear infection prompted his trip to the hospital last weekend — not a relapse in his battle with alcoholism.

The 57-year-old actor was rushed Sunday afternoon from his home in Encino, Calif., to a nearby hospital. According to TMZ, his 17-year-old daughter Hayley had found him drunk. But a lawyer for the “America’s Got Talent” judge says it was a misunderstanding, according to Newsday. “David’s fine and he’s on his way to jury duty today,” his lawyer said.

That’s a shame because I was thinking we’d get a whole new batch of awesome pictures of the Hoff. How could you not like the Hoff? Guy is an absolute stud.

Can we please have reality show called “Hoff Knows Best?”

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