From Before the Stone Age To the WoW in a Single Year


I don’t know about all of you out there but I’ve never been sucked into the crazy fray that is World of Warcraft.  However, that doesn’t mean I’m not 100% astounded by its mass appeal.  And when I say mass appeal I mean so much data that you can compile one year’s worth and you can literally go back to before the stone age.  At least that’s what the folks at Lazy Supper found out.

11.5 million people playing on average 653 minutes per week tallies up to 7,509,500,000 (or roughly 7.5 billion) minutes. Every week. That’s 125,158,333 hours or about 5,214,930 days. Those 5.2 million days are equal to a total of 14,287.481 years. Therefore, humankind spends well over 14 thousand years playing World of Warcraft each week. All together, that’s about 742,456 years every year.

Now you might wonder what does this translate to?

In a single year, enough man hours of World of Warcraft are played to reach back to the Middle Pleistocene.  Before Neanderthals walked the earth. A few weeks before the Stone Age, and back to Homoerectus

Good God that’s a lot of time lost that could have been spent trying to at least touch a girl.  Come on guys!

  • IcemanD

    “Good God that’s a lot of time lost that could have been spent trying to at least touch a girl. Come on guys!”

    Ahahaha….gold. That made my morning.

    I’ve never even tried WOW as I know I’d get sucked into it too. I’ve already played 4 days worth of COD Modern Warfare 2 in the last 3 months. I can’t imagine playing a game that doesn’t have rounds or end at all.

  • Ashweee

    Being quite the WoW player myself I can say it’s a great game for couples, there are a ton of them out there that play together. Alongside me and my fiance, there are two other couples in the guild.

    But I have to say, it’s quite an addicting game and it’s casual and hardcore friendly, there’s a little bit of everything, and you are never out of things to do. Especially if you are as big of an achievement whore as I am.

  • LowSlash

    Agreed, Ashweee. I don’t actually play WoW, but my boyfriend and I play similar MMORPGs on a regular basis. Not to mention the fact that our DnD party includes a married couple.

  • Doc Nines

    In all fairness, I am a WoW addict myself and yet I still maintain an active social life. One could earnestly question how that is possible, as my current schedule allows for approximately 10-15 hours per week for crafting. Nevertheless, I still maintain a full-time career (40-55 hours per week) AND I manage to touch girls on a regular basis.

    My point is this: anything is possible. Simply because a person subscribes to WoW does not mean that the rest of their lives are put on hold. There are certainly addicted personalities out there, but the often negative stereotype of WoW subscribers should not extend to all.

    I’m often confronted with a clever albeit elementary question: “Why? Why play Warcraft when you DO HAVE an active social life?” The answer is two-fold, and it is quite simple. Firstly, it is by far and away among the cheapest forms of entertainment available. For a mere fifteen dollars a month I receive unlimited entertainment. Think about it. Fifteen dollars a month for 40-60 hours of entertainment. That’s peanuts. The price of a movie ticket and popcorn would cost more, yet a movie only lasts a couple of hours.

    Second (and here is that elementary answer), because I actually enjoy it. From its social networking and team problem solving aspects to the fact that one can earn real money selling in-game gold via PayPal, WoW’s possibilities are virtually endless. I lead an exhausting career and social life. WoW allows me to replace real-life drama with virtual escapism, and when I’ve had enough in-game excitement I can simply log off. It is quite literally a therapeutic stress reliever.

    I hope you take this comment to heart the next time you question the motives of any of WoW’s 11.5 million subscribers, and if you’ve never tried it I thoroughly recommend that you do so before you chastise. It may just be the escape you need from a life of touching girls.

  • sabrage

    I’m sure that if you did the map with many other similar activities (I’m thinking especially television) you would find the results even more startling than this.

  • Well, this certainly is on the surface a pretty mind blowing statistic. However, if you think about its relevance compared to the total “man hours” of the rest of human kind that is not playing WoW it is probably very insignificant.