Christian Bale: What are You Doing To Yourself?


From Filmdrunk:

Just Jared posted some pictures of Christian Bale looking like balding, crack-addicted shell of his former self in Los Angeles yesterday. Perhaps coincidentally, Bale was on the set of The Fighter, in which he plays Dickie Eklund, a boxer who becomes a balding, crack-addicted shell of his former self. Bale co-stars opposite Mark Wahlberg in a film directed by David O. Russell.

Alright Bale.  What’s it going to be.  Are you gonna be the dude from The Machinist?  How about your former self from Reign of Fire?  No?  K, let’s tone it down for The Prestige but then bulk back up again for The Dark Knight.    Feeling too big?  Eh, sure, let’s just get completely stale again for The Fighter.

Don’t quote me on this but I’d be willing to bet a million dollars that Bale 100% sh*ts himself at least once a week on set.

There’s just no way this guy’s body can hold up for much longer.

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