And the Winners of Unreality’s Game Giveaway Are…

Alright folks, the time is here! For two week-ish now, many of you have graciously participated in our first ever reader giveaway contest. We asked you to recommend Unreality’s Facebook page to your friends, and you did in droves. At the time of this post, we have about 1,000 more fans than we did before, meaning mission accomplished, and you guys didn’t BS us, so thanks for that.

The prize was a copy of any of the games you see above (Halo Reach, Starcraft 2, Pokemon Black or White, Dead Rising 2, Metroid: Other M), mailed to you free of charge if you’re selected.

The winners will be announced below, in a carefully crafted photo essay to show just how we chose them and how it’s a legitimate drawing where the winners truly are random. Though, yes, I suppose we could have faked it if we wanted to. But we didn’t. Promise.

Hit the jump for the winners!

First I went through all my emails from people, which I had archived when they came in. Then I put that date into this state-of-the-art Excel spreadsheet for easy reference.

Yes, this is the limit of my Excel skills.

Then I cut out actual pieces of paper, and hand wrote each entry (the person’s initials) depending on how many people they invited. Each piece below represents 20 people invited, so yeah, you guys did a good job getting the word out about the site.

I’m sure there was a much easier way to do this, but I never got around to figuring that out.

Now, we’re dumping all the entries into my trusty new hat here (Halloween approaches…), and then we stirred and shook it for a large amount of time to mix everything up.

First randomly drawn winner: JK2 = James Kumm

Second randomly drawn winner: HT = Herman Tse

Congrats you two! I’m sending you e-mails as we speak, so you can give me your info so I can mail you out your prizes. What will they choose? I’d love for each of you to send in a pic of you with the game when you get it to prove we’re not bullshitting here, but that’s up to you.

Alright, so yes, this was a contest where you didn’t exactly have to do anything but click some buttons, but in future, due to the great response here, we might have some sort of photoshop/drawing/painting/video/writing/costume contest where you actually have to be creative and shit to win a prize. So stay tuned for future giveaways, and thanks for playing in this one!


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  7. Stephan October 19, 2010

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