America, Go Vote!

I know Halo 4 comes out today, but aside from that, there’s this rather important election going on that could, I don’t know, change the course of human history.

Unreality will not be endorsing a candidate so I don’t get yelled at, but I do endorse the concept of voting, as it irks me when people can’t be bothered to. So find where you can vote, go there and do it. Then do not post the sticker they give you on Facebook, that’s lame.

Romney/Obama ’12!

  • Sam

    He put Romney before Obama in Romney/Obama ’12! He’s a conservative! Get him and burn him at the stake, see if he wants healthcare then! Political rhetoric!¡!¡

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Meh. I don’t see anything wrong with anyone endorsing a candidate. Folks need to realize ‘politics is politics,’ and give all the hate a rest.

    I did my duty this morning. Machine said I was the 61st person to vote in my precinct! Woohoo!

    Then, I came home and fixed the sunvisor in my wife’s car.

  • adder

    i think we established a long time ago that paul is a liberal obama supporter