A Remake or Sequel I Really Want to See: Satisfaction


Does anyone remember this classic crappy movie from 1988?  It features a young and serious Justine Bateman, Julia Roberts, and a younger Liam Neeson.  It’s about a young group of girls trying to make it as a rock band during a summer at a lake.

It’s a true tale of hard luck, persistance, and undying love.  Honestly plots just don’t get better than this do they?  I’d like to see a little reunion action.  Hell even bring back the same actors.

Can you imagine a late 40 ish Bateman, Julia Roberts, and an older Liam Neeson back to play their same respective roles?  The reason I bring this up is because Hollywood is ruining so many movies already, why not bring back cult crap classics and turn them around?  Personally I feel Satisfaction would be a great place to start.

Although I’d love to see Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Blake Lively, and Katy Perry play the girls in the band for the remake.

FYI, I’m completely kidding.  This is a horrible idea and I just want to mention how hot I think Rachel Bilson is.  Thanks.

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  1. Madison October 13, 2009

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