A Brief Announcement

Hello readers, hows it going? Getting ready for Halloween? Me too. I’m polishing my ceremonial dagger (not a euphemism) and getting ready to head out tonight as Nathan Drake.

But before that, I wanted to make a brief announcement about a minor site change. Some of you have noticed that  some of our longer articles, we now break up them up into pages. This doesn’t effect many of our posts, but longer reviews, galleries, or lists are being broken down. Usually into 2 or 3 pages, sometimes up to six.

We’re not doing this because we hate you, I promise. The fact is, as much as I love writing Unreality, the site is a business, and on the internet we need to be as clear as possible with all articles.   Frankly scrolling on and on kind of messes with our layout and the aesthetic of the site. Breaking up pages is a way to keep the articles more succinct and organized for us.

So please, readers, we’re not asking for donations, we’re literally asking for another click or two from you, which…doing the math here, adds up to probably one or two seconds of your time per day and makes our site way more organized.  We’re not going to start doing 30 page IGN lists, I promise, but we needed to do this to help the site grow more professional (gotta compete with the big boys!) Our content itself will remain the same level of awesome it always has, and hopefully these few clicks on a few posts is honestly not too much to handle.

Anyway, we love you guys, and as much as we’d love to have everything on one page, we just can’t swing that. Hope you understand.

  • MrIPfreely

    Seemed pointless & annoying. But if it helps, then I don’t mind 🙂

  • Button

    Really hate the multiple clicks. Way to win over fans. Maybe we should start a occupy unreality campaign. Rise up and protest the multiple clicks.

  • Shiki

    It’s no prob bro!!!!

  • JB

    Annoying but not the end of the world. Cant wait to see how the Drake coustume comes out.

  • fizatdh

    I don’t mind, but seems like you might turn away new readers. If i happen upon a new website with multiple pages, I will often give up. I’m not saying that is admirable but i think it is true.

  • tuffy

    thanks for the explanation, i’ll live with it if it helps you guys

  • Asdrubal

    We love you too guys! no big deal…

  • Bert

    It really doesn’t bug me. Clicking a mouse is not the most difficult thing to do.

    I’m not going anywhere.

  • some guy

    great site…if i had the money id have no problems paying for an “Unreality gold” account, no prob with the clicks ill keep coming back to this great website

  • Patty

    I noticed that, and was turned off by the idea. But the press conference/apology explanation was really nice. I’m with everyone else on this site. I’m not going anywhere 🙂

  • Frothy_Ham

    I guess I’m just not as anal about my web browsing as a lot of other people are. I didn’t even notice it *shrug*.

    However, the explanation definitely wins you brownie points on the website awesomeness chart.

  • chelsea

    what a lame thing to become upset about? how much more difficult is it to click rather than scroll? lazy freaking people.

  • redrum

    Not a problem!!! Keep up the good work!!! 😀

  • domin8r

    As long as you don’t go apeshit and break up every article in 10 pages you’ve got nothing to worry about 🙂

  • Yah, it’s no problem… as long as there’s at least a paragraph or two on each click. I hate it when there’s just one point or something per click.

    Anything to cut down on ads.

  • NickDanger3deye

    Don’t you get ad revenue for each click? So would an article that has three pages get three times as much ad revenue as one page with a long scroll bar?

    Just asking.

  • Javier

    there’s your April Fool’s joke…60 Pages on ALL the Posts!!

    on a serious note, I don’t complain, it doesn’t even take long to load the next page, it’s barely noticible..

  • Nick S

    If you can keep the content-to-“extra click” ratio as it has been since you’ve deployed this new structure, we’ll be fine.

    That IGN-style “Top 30 list, as shown on 30 pages” will actually make me leave my favorite site (this one) if it happens too much.

    OK, “may” actually make me leave.

  • Memo

    i have no problem with that!

  • so u guys need more page impressions for more money…big deal…everyone does it 😉

    just dont overdo it… people who leave dont cause any PIs…

    I will always love this site though. I mainly come for Pauls writing, especially the movie reviews, not the pic galleries

  • Tim

    I love this site. I’ve pushed on a few friends and they love it too. A click isn’t really that big of a deal. Plus you actually respond to tweets and emails from readers so if it helps you make some coin then its a-ok with me.

  • Adam

    It’s cool.

  • Jake Stone

    Not a problem.

  • David

    As long as you keep it to <4 pages with substantial content on each page that's fine. Please keep the gallery thumbnails too. It does make browsing quite a bit slower, so definitely don't take it overboard. I never read rotten tomatoes feature articles because of this and I stopped visiting IGN almost entirely 2 years ago for the same reason. It's just too slow when I've got so many things competing for my time wasting brain attention!

    Keep up the good articles.

  • David

    Breaking up a long article=cool
    Breaking up an article just to hike ad revenue=f*** you!

    please stay with number one

  • Tony

    More pages = more hits, bumps up site in searches
    More pages = more ads, more money for you guys.
    More pages = more effort for us…