Zombie Stormtrooper Wants Intergalactic Brains

You might think that all dead Stormtroopers are just shot out into space or crushed in the trash compactor (they’re clones, not like they have families to attend funerals right?), but some, when affected with a deadly virus, come back to life, and roam the abandoned halls of Imperial bases looking for brains to devour.

You know, it would be pretty freaking amazing to play an M-rated Star Wars game that had you fighting undead Stormtroopers and all sorts of other unspeakable evils from the Dark Side of  the Force. And I’m sure we’ll see such a title right after Hoth becomes a tropical paradise.

Oh man, I just learned about Death Troopers as a result of this post. That sounds amazing and I want to read that immediately.


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