Zac Efron to Destroy My Hopes for the Jonny Quest Movie


And this too shall come to pass.

A very good friend of mine wrote this piece more than a year ago when the Jonny Quest movie was first announced. He expresses excitement for the prospect of a JQ film (which was one of our favorite childhood cartoons), but then worry that they were going to cast someone like Zac Efron in the lead role.

Well, guess what?

Both Zac Efron and The Rock are in talks to play Jonny Quest and Race Bannon respectively in the upcoming film adaptation. The Rock is extremely pumped about the opportunity, as you can tell: ” “There’s no one else who can be Race Bannon than me. There’s no one else.” Uh, right on boss. I don’t think a ton of people were clammoring for that role. Vin Diesel?

I have no problem with Rock/Race, though I can’t really see him with white hair, but Zefron? Please. No, I don’t care that Jonny was 12 in the original cartoon, because I grew up watching The NEW Adventures of Jonny Quest where he was a teenager, I just have a fundamental problem with Efron in the role. As my friend said, “he’ll be fighting Doctor Zin with his winning smile and superfly dance moves.”

I’m sure they’re going to make the film a PG-rated love fest to maximize cash flow potential, but I feel like it could be done in a much cooler fashion. Less Spy Kids and more Young Indiana Jones. But alas, with or without Zefron, I’ll be seeing it. Now give me Dev Patel as Hadji and Mila Kunis as Jesse and we’ll be good to go.

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