Zac Efron Putting on Big Boy Pants in Charlie St. Cloud


This is totally not my wallpaper. I’m serious.

When I first read the description of Zac Efron’s new movie, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, I was a little taken aback:

Efron will be re-teaming with his 17 Again director Burr Steers in the film about a cemetery janitor who manages to have weekly meetings with his younger brother whose accidental death he feels responsible for.

Zac Efron, as a cemetery janitor? Okay…Does he dance with ghosts? No. Does he play basketball with zombies? No. He mourns his dead younger brother who he probably killed? Just what the hell is going on here?

Oh I know. He’ll go to his brother’s grave, decide to off himself out of guilt, then the rest of the movie will be a big dance party in heaven! Got it.

  • TRadina

    5 trips to the bathroom at work for this one…I’m an animal!

  • karina

    i love you zac i think you are a good person and that you are just like a normal guy i like you not as a movie star but as a normal guy so if you read this my name is karina hading i love you heartthrob zac efron.

  • Madison

    @ karina

    I’m pretty sure Zac comes to this website pretty often, so hopefully he’ll read your comment and take you out on a date!

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  • suzan

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  • JeNnIFeR

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  • Gabriela

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