Your Mama’s So Fat, Her Patronus is a Cake

I’m not a big fan of funny Facebook status chains usually, as now they’re incredibly easy to fake, but this one had me laughing out loud, so I had to share like I’m your mom e-mailing you a funny picture of a kitten.

But no kittens here, only “Yo Momma” jokes with a Harry Potter twist on them. I do believe this is real, but even if it isn’t, these are still pretty damn good if you’re fans of the series and can understand what the hell is going on.

The poor person with the pink blocked out picture and name didn’t quite catch on to what was happening, but thankfully everyone else stayed in theme. My favorite has to be “The Ham Eaters,” but most of them are pretty great.

  • the mumu of invisibility!

  • Hazi

    For the M:tG freaks out there; “your momma is so fat, she doesn’t untap during upkeep”.

  • Ballsy

    Getting all your stuff from reddit, huh?

  • Chris K

    Yo Momma’s so fat, her favorite spell is “Accio Ribs”
    Yo Mama’s so ugly, she went streaking and Dobby gave her his sock to cover up.

  • Gabriel

    Even though the one in pink doesn’t know what is happening, I still think that one is the funniest.

  • So this is what youngs do today huh?

  • This is HILARIOUS. I like the House of Pancakes one.

  • crowlaw

    Your mama is so fat Obama’s stimulus bill only covered her breakfast bill.

  • azn

    your momma is so fat that dementors could only get donut filling

  • azn


  • fern

    Your momma’s is so fat, when she goes to The Three Broomsticks she always orders butterbeer, hold the beer.

  • Com Mentor

    Yo Mama’s so ugly that when people call her mudblood there’s literally mud flowing thorough her veins.