You Might Be Going to the Wrong College When…

Unless this class is called “Dissecting the Worst of American Literature 261” I think you’ve probably enrolled in the wrong class. I’m almost afraid to look at what the other three books are in the class as I assume they’re Breaking Dawn and all the rest. At least throw some Harry Potter in there!

Is anyone out there taking this class? If so, please feel free to write in and explain just how lovelorn Professor Garcha comes across in person.

  • Cheryl

    I’m not in this class (had they offered one back in the day when I was in University I would have taken it tho) They can’t be using it for it’s literary strengths…could they maybe be analyzing it for cultural significance? Would it maybe be for Education students who specialize in teaching teenagers?

    I was a sociology major myself – had I not veered into criminology I could see some weird elective studying this book.

  • did a little digging – it appears this is an honors intro to fiction course at ohio state.

    looks like they also read frankenstein, dracula, and turn of the screw and other stories.

    so now meyer is in the same company as shelley and stoker? way to go, america.

  • Parker Jammstein

    That is by far the shittiest syllabus I have ever seen. And further investigation reveals that Prof. Garcha is a man. Honors Fiction my ass.

  • mcnuggetse

    i believe the h also signifies this being an honors course… wow.

  • joe

    I’m honored to have read this feedback.

  • Cframe

    You misspelled “throw.”

    You said through. As in “drive-through”

  • Hank

    They sold it at UCF when I worked in the bookstore. It was for a women’s studies class.

  • Rosie

    One of the exams at my college (UK) for English Lit/Lang was based on an extract from Twilight. The general response was ” WTF??!”

  • Steve

    I had hoped that by college girls didn’t care about twilight anymore. Guess not.

  • Sean

    Wow… the only thing that would make this worse is if it had Harry Potter in addition to this.

    That is an atrocity.

  • Orleanas

    Harry Potter actually has more literary merit than Twilight because it is well-written, clever in terms of allusions and deals with universal themes dealt with in the English canon: man’s struggle to overcome evil, for example. I might even argue that HP is this generation’s Lord of the Rings or Beowulf (both popularized by Tolkien). Twilight, on the other hand, is pure $#!%. The writing is at grade 3 level, the characters are vapid, and the entire story is worthless.

    That this book is being discussed in a college course as a serious work of literature in the same vein as Frankenstein and other greats is mind-boggling. But as someone in education, I’m not too surprised. A lot of backwards $#!% going on in that field.

  • dflghqefg


    “HP is this generation’s Lord of the Rings or Beowulf” 1. JRR Tolkein did not write or popularize, it was a 13th century folk story.

    2. Lord of the Ring though culturally massive is not really that good a book, it is mediocre at best and Tolkein’s background as a linguist really comes through as he at times strives more for linguistic originality than good storytelling.

    On another note, this makes me very sad that popularity has taken over from objective reasoning at an academic sense

  • John

    LOL!!! That’s Ohio State for you! Love that education. Perhaps they also read Dr. Phil in their Psychology classes?

    Go to a real School!
    Go Blue!