Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Dreams


The Xzibit meme was made for Inception, as dreams within dream, dreaming about dreams was made for his Pimp Your Ride mentality. But as it turns out, as you can see above, Cobb’s desire to plunge into the subconscious is even too great for Xzibit’s vast mind to comprehend.

Sooo, who votes that the top stopped spinning?

  • zack

    it for sure was starting to topple

  • Sideshow

    I’m happy not knowing. He either lives happily in the “real world” with his kids, thinking it’s real or it is real. If the top keeps spinning and he realizes he’s in a dream, then he wakes himself up to be with his kids AND his wife. Assuming that’s what his “real” life is. Maybe he’s actually in a military facility, has no family and submitted himself for an experiment where you live an entire life that you believe is real but you’re really dreaming…the list goes on!

  • Ben

    I like Brad Brevet’s (of ropeofsilicon.com) explanation, that once Dom let go of Mol’s memory, he was free to have normal dreams. SO that’s what the ending is, it’s neither limbo nor reality. It isn’t any sort of dream made with the briefcase machine. It’s just a normal sleepy dream.

  • Ugo Strange

    That is fantastic !

  • ComfortableMadness

    I also vote that it stopped spinning. I know it ended that way specifically to leave you wondering but it did skip a little. In the dream sequence with the other architect it spins straight up and down completely unaffected by gravity. Thus, ensuring that it’s a dream. I just think it fits better that Cobb really did get back to his kids rather than being stuck in a dream.

  • Tishy

    It looked like it was going to fall, plus, I like happy endings.

  • Sideshow

    @ Tishy

    You could be confirming exactly what Christopher Nolan was going for with the ending. Maybe he didn’t want to show what happened so that everybody would be happy with their own ending; the way they want it end.

    Also, ComfortableMadness makes a really good point about how it spins.

    So many possibilities!

  • Dangerous Dave

    I think the top falls as well, but I think the REAL point is that Nolan planted a question in the mind of the audience the very same way that Cobb did to Mal. Think about it.

  • Sideshow

    @ Dangerous Dave


  • Avi

    Regardless of whether it stops or not Leo would be able to go home cause if it didnt stop spinning he would notice that and just try and wake himself up. If it did stop then all is well 🙂

  • BOLT

    Either way let’s make more fun of Xzibit and pimp my ride…every show starts off something like this “Lamborghini’s drive fast cause I’m X to the Z Xzibit” …..give me a break

  • Daryl

    The ending, in my opinion is tragic
    in which

    had it was still a dream, it means he had broken his vow, promise to himself not to see them unless its in reality
    hence everytime he sees them in his dreams, he tried to avoid looking at their faces knowing that it wont be the real faces of his children

    though it is a sad ending and such…
    i cant help but say that…
    this is the 2nd movie in a row, starring Leonardo Da Caprio where his wife in the movie, is insane.

    Prior to Inception
    it was Shutter Island
    and even then, his wife went nuts

    “All Work and No Play make Dolores a dull girl”

  • Some Guy

    Dream inside another dream is called metadream.