Yes, They Make Star Wars Sushi

I know that our regularly scheduled programming for today would include my “Crappy Movie Recommendation of the Week” but I couldn’t help myself.   When I came across these photos on Buzzfeed I had to share them.

Just when you think that Star Wars won’t come up with something new.  Just when you think there’s enough fan art out there.  Just when you think there’s a die down period.  In walks Star Wars sushi.

I guess it’d be kind of cool to eat R2.   Pics after the jump…..

  • Hmm…. weird. Not sure what those are. Raw fish sculptures?

    Sushi is actually rolls or has to have rice… These are just food sculptures.

    Very cool anyway! I’d try them.

  • JZ

    These are garnishes. Not sushi

  • Me

    Raw fish alone is called Shashimi. THE MORE YOU KNOW : )

  • Roman

    u mean sashimi? *trollface*