X-Men: First Class Posters Go Full Retard

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I don’t usually comment on just straight up movie trailers or posters anymore unless they’re truly something special. Usually I mean special in a good way, but today I mean special as in “Kevin is special, he takes the short bus to school.”

The marketing team behind X-Men: First Class is doing everything in their power to sabotage the film. First they released a horrible composite cast photo, and now they’ve debuted the two posters above which I SWEAR are official and not made by six year old fans mashing their faces on the keyboard while photoshop is open.

I know they’re trying to do the whole “these guys become these guys” angle of the movie, which is fine, but who on earth looked and these and went “Oh yeah, get those out on the internet pronto!” If I was anyone who actually made this movie, I would be livid that someone was reducing all my hard work to a completely shit one-sheet. At this point, even if these were official releases, I’d backtrack and say you accidentally swapped out the JPGs with fan-made ones just to try and save face a little bit.


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