World’s Stupidest Petition Trying to Ban the Joker from the Future


Because apparently the crippling financial death spiral isn’t enough news, CNN decided to report on this exceptionally odd story involving a bunch of rather looney Heath Ledger Joker fans circulating an idiotic petition. Read:

A group of Heath Ledger fans have taken their reverence for the late “The Dark Knight” star to a whole new level.

Followers of the actor, who electrified audiences with his chilling reinvention of The Joker in the second Batman blockbuster, are calling for the character to be retired from the movies permanently.

Ledger supporters at new Web site, The Ultimate Joker, launched a petition last week calling for studios to remove The Joker from any future Batman movies. The petition currently has 2431 supporters.

And uh, why are they calling for the Joker’s retirement exactly?

“We think Heath deserves this honor,” the site’s team leader, Fer Barbella told CNN over the phone from Buenos Aires. “He is the ultimate Joker.”

“We are Batman fans from the comics and from the movies,” he said, “After we saw “The Dark Knight” we thought this Joker was really the best. It deserves to be withdrawn from any Batman sequels.

“When Michael Jordan retired they withdrew the number 23 jersey as an honor. It’s the same thing with Heath.”

How many levels of stupid is this? Well let’s see, first of all, you’ve started a petition, which is the most useless way to go about doing anything unless you’re trying to get something on a ballot. And as far as I know, movie direction is not decided by popular vote.

Secondly, you’re comparing retiring Heath’s Joker to retiring Jordan’s number, which is like comparing apples to a concrete mixer. The number 23 is not an iconic villain (unless you count that sh*tty Jim Carrey movie) and the Joker is not a symbol used to identify a basketball player that can be retired out of respect.

The group says once they get 50,000 signatures they’re going to march on Warner Bros. or something like that. In the time that it takes them to get 50,000 signatures for a petition that stupid, I’m guessing that I could build a device to electroshock Heath Ledger back to life so he can continue the role himself.

  • Ken

    How stupid can people be? Here’s the proof. Okay, Ledger did a phenominal job with the Joker charcter in this film. But that’s no reason to “retire” role. No disrespect to Heath or his memory but, there will be another actor who plays at the same level sooner or later. And, dare I say it? Maybe even better that Ledger did? Blaphemy! I should go draw and quarter myself right now to save the fangirls (I’m using that for both genders of fan btw) the trouble of hunting me down.

  • Bob

    Why so serious?

  • Wally West

    Dear Bob.
    Shut up.

    – The Flash

  • Robert Moore

    Let’s face reality. The character of the Joker is one of Batman’s most famous. Even if they have the slightest of possibilities to pull this off, it wouldn’t/couldn’t work. When Jack Nicholson played Joker, we all said that this was the definative embodiement of the character. Now its the late (and truely great) Heath Ledger. Given a few years, someone else will re-invent this character to yet another level. Remember Heath for his performance, his talent his creativity. Not for something as silly as this.

  • PeeWee

    29.000 and stillrising. Better get that contraption ready, foo.

  • Derin

    Heath ledger rocks, i even dont have to mention it and you all know this im sure about it. and i can understand why some fan think its the best to “freeze” heaths accomplishment by this act. but, seriously, it proves that you fear that somebody tops, maybe, in 20 years work of heath ledger. same happened with jack nicholson too, as my friend robert moore mentioned before. but its fine. did you now forget Nicholson? did the characteristic photo of him vanished from your mind? no. and im sure about it. you now compare it with Heaths work. and they are both very good (heath is spectacular, sure, but this is another story) now, the next joker (or the fifth after him) has a very high goal, set by Nicholson and Ledger, to reach, and it is surely a very satisfying experience for him to make and for us surely a nicer comparement to make. if hes bad, we just say oh shit and ledger will stay the best, if not, then the play goes on.

    long story short meaning: we will never forget Heath nor Jack as Joker, and it can only get better for us. you dont like the next batman flick with joker? watch The dark Knight and hope that the next one to be better.

  • haru

    30.864 and counting……….

  • fuckstick

    It is the same as saying that you do not want Colonel Kurtz to be played by any other than Brando. Or you do not want a remake of Doctor Strangelove. These things are better left unsaid. In the case of Ledger though, I still feel the Joker has darker portrayals possible. There is still room to explore with the character. What a pussy thing to try to do.

  • GlobalWolf

    I think that retiring the Joker out respect to Heath Ledger is a bad idea, but if they bring him back in the next Batman film, they need to make certain they can find someone who can play at the same level as Ledger did, or it’s not going to do much for their franchise. Heath Ledger’s performance raised the bar for what the character was supposed to be like, and undershooting that would disappoint a lot of people.

  • Meats

    So the man created the character, did he?