Working Class Batman

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Our second DeviantArt picture of the day (this time from Mike P. Mitchell) is “Working Class Batman,” which imagines what the caped crusader might look like without a cape, and without millions of dollars of Bruce Wayne’s technology funding him. He’s just a guy with some padding and a club to hit things with. That’s good enough to stop a lot of crimes. Just ask Kick-Ass.

He actually reminds me of those fake Bat-men from The Dark Knight who were going around pretending to be Batman. I never did quite understand that, or why their mission was any less noble than Bruce Wayne’s.

  • Korky

    You don’t understand how they were less noble? Identity theft!

  • DarkPassenger29

    It wasn’t “noble” because they carried guns and were willing to kill those who they deemed “criminal”. So college kid buying a dime bag… BAM! Your dead.

    Personally, I’d rather Bruce Wayne/Batman than a guy with an attitude and an uzi.

  • Brian

    Here in Cincinnati OH, we have (or had) Shadow Hare. Some guy dressed as a superhero, doing good deeds in Over the Rhine part of town. He used to call into some of the local talk shows, but haven’t heard from him in a while. Probably got his butt kicked!

    He has a Wiki page

  • Andrew C

    Because Bruce Wayne doesn’t wear hockey pads

  • chrystani

    He looks like Frank Millers Batman in the Dark Knight Returns.

  • Fleetline

    The Batmobile is a ’55 Chevy.