Wonder Woman Poster Gets My Hopes Up


With superhero movies falling from the sky every few months these days, it’s only logical that they’re going to get around to all the crappy characters soon enough. Yes, this means Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America movies (with super shield action!) are all on their way, and it also means a Woman Woman flick is in the pipes as well.

The rumor has been floating around for awhile about a potential WW project, which I’m 100% not thrilled about, not because it’s a chick superhero, but because her powers include bullet-reflecting bracelets, a “magic lasso” and an invisible jet. Can you imagine how retarded that would look in a movie? Wonder Woman, sitting on her ass, flying around in the clouds?

But if there was ever a way to get me to watch such a movie, it would be to put Megan Fox in it, although granted, I would watch a sequel to Rollerball if she was starring. So understandably, I was momentarily elated to see this poster, with Fox donning the bustier. The website that featured the art has been a count down the past few days, with pieces of the poster being revealed as time progressed.

Unfortunately it’s completely made up, and has been denied by both DC and Warner Bros. camps alike. Balls. However, that does not mean I’m not printing this out, taking it to Kinko’s and getting it made into a six foot tall poster to hang in my room.