The Kids of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory All Grown Up


Does anyone recognize this AT&T commercial that aired like 950 times a day in the month of May?  Hell the thing is still on sometimes.   And every single time it played I had the song “Pure Imagination” in my head for the rest of that day.  So naturally when I saw it again today I figured I’d do some kind of a Willy Wonka article.

And it reminded me of when I saw this crazy picture of Peter Ostrum.  Guy looked like some kind of a pedophile.  In case you’re wondering he still does look that way (he’s on the right in the photo above).

But what about the rest of the kids?  I was able to dig up some videos of the Wonka kids all grown up.   Enjoy!

Peter Ostrum AKA Charlie Bucket


I’m pretty sure that Ostrum is one of the weirdest people in the universe.

Julie Dawn Cole AKA Veruca Salt


Here Julie answers questions about what everyone was up to as of 2008.   I’m pretty sure my favorite is Charlie Bucket being a veterinarian.

Denise Nickerson AKA Violet Beauregard


Jesus she looks like some sort of a nurse doesn’t she?  Wow.  Chris Parente interviews Denise Nickerson who played Violet Beauregard in the original Willy Wonka film in this promo for the annual Colorado Chocolate Festival.  Turns out the oompa loompas were heavy drinkers.  Awesome.

Paris Themmen AKA Mike Tee Vee


This was a Willy Wonka Birthday Party with around 20 guests that did not know that Paris Themmen AKA Mike Tee Vee was going to be there. The whole house was set up to look like the Willy Wonka factory with Wonka Bar Candy Boxes and Tons of Candy everywhere.

Michael Bollner AKA Augustus Gloop


I’m extremely pissed that I couldn’t find a video.  If anyone has one please send one to us.  Apparently Bollner is now a tax accountant in Munich.


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