Wicked Cool Posters from El Loco

Another day, another awesome series of posters I’ve discovered. If I actually bought one of every collection I’ve found, I probably could have wallpapered my house by now.

But these ones do stand out to me, and the propaganda-inspired work of artist El Loco has a distinct visual style. He covers everything from superheroes to Star Wars to Futurama to classic celebrities, and there’s probably a poster that suits your fancy inside this gallery.

Check out all his work below, and head over to his store if you’d like to pick up a print for yourself.

  • RBourn

    I love that the stormtrooper gets the caption “Justice”!

    They couldn’t be further from that. “Poor Aim” might be a better one.

  • ryan bonline

    yeah i thought that batman and the stormtroopers should have been switched, woulda made more sense.

  • shane

    what does the Robocop one say? for some reason im unable to read that…